Ways is also a publisher and a media representative such as: Connections, Lebanon Official General Tourism Guide of the Ministry of Tourism.
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Since 2003 ... WAYS has been publishing the “Lebanon Tourism Guide” under the Patronage of the Ministry of Tourism, according to International Standards.

Since many years and for years to come, Ways is entrusted by the Ministry of Tourism to produce the “Lebanon Tourism Guide". It is not a telephone directory but a document of reference to Lebanon Tourism having an informative concept according to international standards. This guide is considered as being the leading of its kind. It covers various topics including the sites to visit in Lebanon with itineraries, a detailed listing of get away, festivals and museums, a listing of hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, pubs, cafés, and shopping malls. The Lebanon Tourism Guide also includes information about summer resorts, beaches, health clubs, beauty, leisure, real estates, travel agencies, tour operators and car rental.
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Connections is a specialized publication that highlights the relationship between Lebanon and the country's major partners in different sectors, including industry, trade, tourism, the environment, culture and much, much more.
Connections is produced in collaboration with different foreign embassies in Lebanon.
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BEIRUT City Center Map

In collaboration with Solidere, Ways produces the Beirut City Center Map carrying information on most different important sites of the city in four languages.
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Lebanon Map 2010

Beirut Map 2010

Tourist Map

It consists of two maps. One is related to Beirut and suburbs and the second is Lebanon map where Tourist sites to visit: Historical, natural, archeological, Museums, etc… are noted in green. Related comments can be found in the Lebanon Tourism Guide that Ways produces for the Ministry of Tourism.

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