Le Cuistot du Liban 
This exciting event is actually a cooking competition held according to rules set under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism.
Competitors should view cooking as a hobby - cooking should not be their profession as this event is for amateurs and not for professional chefs.
Participants hail from various fields; they are Doctors, Architects, Bankers, Businessmen, Lawyers, etc…
All participants are required to cook in front of a hospitality committee who then judge their performance in the presence of a large audience represented by an attendance of 450 diners.
Results Cuistot 2001
Results Cuistot 2002
Results Cuistot 2003
Sheikh Farid El Khazen, Alfred Asseily Cuistot d'Or 2004, Mario Junior Haddad, GM Ministry of Tourism Nada Sardouk
Dr. Raphael Tabet
Cuistôt d'Argent 2004
Maitre Joseph Nehmé
Cuistôt De Bonze 2004
Cuistôt Du Liban 2004
Cuistot Du Liban 2004
Venue: Eddé Sands
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